Stephanie Claus


I have been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can remember and I have committed to follow the call of her heart & soul,
no matter where it leads to

There is nothing I want more than for you to Remember who you truly are and get in touch with your soul’s purpose,
so you get to Be, do & create what you are born for.

Now let me tell you a little bit more about my own story …

About Stephanie

Stephanie under waterfall

“I am a retired people pleaser and recovered from what I call
“the good girl syndrome”.
Living up to other people’s expectations, trying to fit in and be normal,
hiding that I’m a spiritual Being … but who’s life was I living?

In my early twenties I was dealing with chronic fatigue which required me to step out of the rat race and it made me question how I could live a fulfilling life and get my energy back. 10 years later and I am full of energy, full of passion for life and full of purpose. Simply fulfilled.

It was a decade of tons of inner work, travels across the world, deeper spiritual realizations, trainings, retreats, mentors, healers, …
an endless list of transformation & expansion. It was all worth it.
I came to see the challenges in my life as invitations
that are a part of my Soul’s journey.

And I committed to follow the call of my heart & soul
– no matter where it would lead.

Since, my life feels like a living testimony of Divine Orchestration
and the magic that unfolds when we dare to walk away
from the known and take that leap of faith into the unknown.

There are 2 big challenges that I had to overcome.
First of all, I had to overcome my fear of being seen as a spiritual being.
I was too afraid that others would think I’m crazy

and I didn’t feel safe to be and show All of me. Terrified actually.

Secondly, as a life long spiritual seeker, I had to claim back my power and my sovereignty and realize that there is no one outside of me
– no teacher, book, guide – that can tell me who I am.
Cliche but true, I am my own guru. And so are you.

My energy lights up – yes, like fireworks – when I get to help people turn their dreams into reality, uncover their gifts, find their truth and dare to go for what they truly want to be, do or create.

I love working with what I call the hidden Lightworkers and Pioneers
who literally incarnated
at this very point in time
to make a big bang shift in our current reality so All life on Earth can thrive.

I’m simply Being, doing & creating what I believe I was born for.
I am here to help you Remember who you are & why you are here.
So together we can LIGHT up this world.

Stephanie on the beach

It’s time to wake up to why you are here!

I left a potential university career and PhD to prioritize my spiritual calling and started offering women’s circles
( in the Art of Feminine Presence) back in 2014. One year later, I left my home country to work as an event coordinator
in a retreat center and became part of the global family of Heart IQ.

For the last 3 years, I have been living a more nomadic life, which continuously invited me deeper into my soul’s calling
that led me across the globe to Egypt, Hawaii, Malta, Costa Rica, Mexico, Mount Shasta & more.

When the world collapsed into a collective dark night of the soul in 2020, it felt like my multidimensional nature fully emerged
and I started embodying and living “Heaven on Earth” step by step.
My journey has been one of deep inner work and rebirth after rebirth.
Shedding, undoing & unbecoming all that we have learned.
Allowing myself to be fully human while remembering my divine nature.
Deeply trusting my own truth & direction.
An ever-expanding unfolding.

Currently, I am writing my first book, a multidimensional novel that tells the story of 6 cosmic beings who are interconnected
across time & space and who are remembering step by step they share the same mission. Expected in Summer 2022.

In late 2021, I am returning to my home country, Belgium, where I intend for my homebase to be a Sanctuary.
I look forward to seeing the magic that will unfold here and be a Pillar of Light in these times.

What others say about me


I have been doubting for a long time to end my full-time job, which has been draining me, but I didn’t know exactly what to do instead.

After working with Stephanie, I can say now:

“I know what I am born to do!”

I feel confident and know how to build my own practice and have found the courage to make some tough decisions, but I know … if I want to follow the calling of my soul, there is no other choice.


Stephanie brings me to the core of my being from where I can see, feel and choose life from.

She is an energetic alchemist, helping me to bring my higher self to have more dimension in this physical plane of existence.

Before working with her, my higher self was just a “feeling”, now my higher self feels connected to my mission to bring more delight and pleasure to the world through the body.

Frank J.

Stephanie speaks with such care from the heart space.

I have seen people in her presence really feel nurtured and inspired to cut through their bullshit and start living life in a more awake, more conscious & powerful way.

She is someone who exemplifies being in the trenches, she is doing the work and it’s incredibly inspiring.

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