Stephanie Claus


I have been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can remember and I have committed to follow the call of her heart & soul,
no matter where it leads to

There is nothing I want more than for you to Remember who you truly are and get in touch with your soul’s purpose,
so you get to Be, do & create what you are born for.

Now let me tell you a little bit more about my own story …

About Stephanie

Stephanie under waterfall

“I am a retired people pleaser and recovered from what I call
“the good girl syndrome”.
Living up to other people’s expectations, trying to fit in and be normal,
hiding that I’m a spiritual Being … but who’s life was I living?

In my early twenties I was dealing with chronic fatigue which required me to step out of the rat race and it made me question how I could live a fulfilling life and get my energy back. 10 years later and I am full of energy, full of passion for life and full of purpose. Simply fulfilled.

It was a decade of tons of inner work, travels across the world, deeper spiritual realizations, trainings, retreats, mentors, healers, …
an endless list of transformation & expansion. It was all worth it.
I came to see the challenges in my life as invitations
that are a part of my Soul’s journey.

And I committed to follow the call of my heart & soul
– no matter where it would lead.

Since, my life feels like a living testimony of Divine Orchestration
and the magic that unfolds when we dare to walk away
from the known and take that leap of faith into the unknown.

There are 2 big challenges that I had to overcome.
First of all, I had to overcome my fear of being seen as a spiritual being.
I was too afraid that others would think I’m crazy

and I didn’t feel safe to be and show All of me. Terrified actually.

Secondly, as a life long spiritual seeker, I had to claim back my power and my sovereignty and realize that there is no one outside of me
– no teacher, book, guide – that can tell me who I am.
Cliche but true, I am my own guru. And so are you.

My energy lights up – yes, like fireworks – when I get to help people turn their dreams into reality, uncover their gifts, find their truth and dare to go for what they truly want to be, do or create.

I love working with what I call the hidden Lightworkers and Pioneers
who literally incarnated
at this very point in time
to make a big bang shift in our current reality so All life on Earth can thrive.

I’m simply Being, doing & creating what I believe I was born for.
I am here to help you Remember who you are & why you are here.
So together we can LIGHT up this world.

Stephanie on the beach

I left a potential university career and PhD to prioritize my spiritual calling and started offering women’s circles
( in the Art of Feminine Presence) back in 2014. One year later, I left my home country to work as an event coordinator
in a retreat center and became part of the global family of Heart IQ.

For the last 3 years, I have been living a more nomadic life, which continuously invited me deeper into my soul’s calling
that led me across the globe to Egypt, Hawaii, Malta, Costa Rica, Mexico, Mount Shasta & more.

When the world collapsed into a collective dark night of the soul in 2020, it felt like my multidimensional nature fully emerged
and I started embodying and living “Heaven on Earth” step by step.
My journey has been one of deep inner work and rebirth after rebirth.
Shedding, undoing & unbecoming all that we have learned.
Allowing myself to be fully human while remembering my divine nature.
Deeply trusting my own truth & direction.
An ever-expanding unfolding.

Currently, I am writing my first book, a multidimensional novel that tells the story of 6 cosmic beings who are interconnected
across time & space and who are remembering step by step they share the same mission. Expected in Summer 2022.

In late 2021, I am returning to my home country, Belgium, where I intend for my homebase to be a Sanctuary.
I look forward to seeing the magic that will unfold here and be a Pillar of Light in these times.

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