Time to give my dear soul sister Karissa Wieskamp a Final Chance to share her Light & Wisdom with the world!
Karissa is a Reality Transformation Coach who will spark your ability to expand your consciousness, break free from limitations and embody your higher self. She is a dear soul sister who quite literally has been a “bright light” in my own life and a powerful mirror to gain clarity and tap into higher potentials.

As Karissa fullheartedly imagined these were her final 60 minutes, she tapped into a level of seeing that brings grace, wisdom & love to our life experience here on Earth. I believe every listener will find a golden nugget in this conversation and there is just something that your heart may need to hear right now … so get comfortable and treat yourself with this podcast!


What if you only have 60 minutes left to share your message, your truth, your legacy with the world? That is the main question in the Final Chance podcast.

For 7 weeks, you can expect personal stories with some incredible human beings that have impacted my own life. They are all purposedriven, passionate change makers who want to leave this world a better place in their own unique way.
It is my hope that when you listen to these conversations that you feel inspired to live every day as it is your final chance to Be all of who you are.

PODCAST HOST: Stephanie Claus


PODCAST GUEST: Karissa Wieskamp




You can currently work with Karissa through her “1:1 Reality Transformation support”. Message her directly to find out more! Her work is designed to support you to alter your nervous system from survival/scarcity mode into thrival/abundance mode.

I highly recommend her “Crossing the Threshold Meditation” which I have been listening to every night before bed this past week.
It is available for purchase here: https://karissawieskamp.gumroad.com/l/angelshift

Now I would LOVE to hear from you …
Let me know your biggest insight from this episode or how this conversation moved you!
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