After 40 days in silence, I wanted to give Kelly Broderick a Final Chance to share the wisdom she had just gathered from going deep within. Kelly is a Multi-dimensional Mentor, Vision Architect and Evolutionary who desires to ignite the liberation she has found in all of us. Her sharings are potent transmissions and I love how she currently holds and offers us the invitation into greater spiritual integrity.

By now, you may know how the Final Chance Podcast works (unless it’s your first time listening, welcome then!). And still … each Being is so unique and has specific gems to offer through their life’s journey, their insights, their essence and their final message. So welcome Kelly’s frequency into your ears and into your world and as always, in-joy this podcast!


What if you only have 60 minutes left to share your message, your truth, your legacy with the world? That is the main question in the Final Chance podcast.

For 7 weeks, you can expect personal stories with some incredible human beings that have impacted my own life. They are all purposedriven, passionate change makers who want to leave this world a better place in their own unique way.
It is my hope that when you listen to these conversations that you feel inspired to live every day as it is your final chance to Be all of who you are.

PODCAST HOST: Stephanie Claus

PODCAST GUEST: Kelly Broderick

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Upcoming: December 12 @ 5PM CET
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