This is a very unusual episode, as the transmission started as soon as I hit the record button. No questions, no interview. Just pure light codes beaming and streaming your way live from Mount Shasta. I have been looking forward to introducing you to Paul of Venus, who’s life is devoted to raising the consciousness on this planet and frequency to one of pure Love.
He offers powerful activations and guided retreats at Mount Shasta and if you get to spend a day with him, you’ll feel more connected to the magic of life here on Earth. And of course, he will take you to some portals and multidimensional powerspots on the mountain.

I actually highly recommend to WATCH this episode on YouTube and allow yourself to relax and listen with your heart as you receive this transmission. I left it pretty much unedited so you can receive the gold, even in the silence. InJoy my dear family of light around the world!


What if you only have 60 minutes left to share your message, your truth, your legacy with the world? That is the main question in the Final Chance podcast.

For 7 weeks, you can expect personal stories with some incredible human beings that have impacted my own life. They are all purposedriven, passionate change makers who want to leave this world a better place in their own unique way.
It is my hope that when you listen to these conversations that you feel inspired to live every day as it is your final chance to Be all of who you are.

PODCAST HOST: Stephanie Claus

PODCAST GUEST: Paul of Venus

UPCOMING RETREATS with Paul of Venus!
Twin Flame Retreat – April 22-25
The Venusian Goddess Retreat – June 24-26
The New Earth Retreat – September 23-27
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Now I would LOVE to hear from you …
Let me know what this episode evoked in you and what insights you received!
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