Yay, welcome to the very first episode of the Final Chance Podcast!
My guest today is Lara Kolesar, Embodiment Facilitator, Body Whisperer and creator of the Art of Ecstatic Touch. Lara & I shared a lot of life when we were living together in a retreat centre in the Netherlands. She has been a huge inspiration and source of support to me when it comes to the connection with my physical body. In her Final Chance, she shares her wisdom and “magnifi-sense” with you. If there is any takeaway, I hope you start to see your body as a gift and magical instrument. I invite you to take a cup of tea and imagine yourself to be with us as you listen to our conversation. Let it MOVE you!

PODCAST HOST: Stephanie Claus
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Private Transmissions with Lara are available both in person or online (see website)!
Note: I am not an affiliate of Lara’s work … I just know how much my body is nourished by her work and I want you to experience it too!

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